Why Are Custom Cakes So Expensive?

Why Are Custom Cakes So Expensive?

Custom cakes are completely different from a cake that you would order from a local grocery store. Most stores order mass produced, precooked, flash frozen cakes that have traveled miles and miles to be delivered to the many different grocery stores. This also goes for the “buttercream” that the stores use. I put buttercream in parenthesis because buttercream is supposed to be made with butter. The frosting that stores like Safeway or Costco use is made with shortening. That is why you have that leftover greasy feeling in your mouth after eating it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy myself a piece of grocery store cake every once in a while but when you are wanting a fresh cake with a custom design you wouldn’t be looking at one of these stores who put together cakes assembly style. You want a made to order custom cake so you can choose the design and flavors!

What do you get with a custom cake? The artistry and experience from a caker who has slaved over the details pouring hours of love into this creation just for you! There is also the personal level of service that you will experience. No walking in filling out a form a picking from standard designs and coming back to pick it up from whom ever is working the register. When you order custom you get a level of involvement you won’t get at the grocery store.

I make genuine buttercream as well – which, by the way, is never snow-white. Crisco is snow white.  Butter is pale yellow, and genuine buttercream is a little off-white, after the sugar is added to the butter. That being said, I do have a few tricks that can make my buttercream appear whiter!

My cakes and buttercream are made to order. I use fresh ingredients in my scratch baked cakes.

If you’ve decided to go with a custom cake artist, don’t ask them for discount or a lower price. Would you ask Costco to lower their labeled price on an item, or any other store for that matter? Good ingredients aren’t cheap, and after the hours spent mixing, baking, cleaning, stacking, filling, decorating, and cleaning some more, cakers need to be compensated for their labor. You’ve gone to an expert for a reason.

So, if you are looking for your dream cake for any occasion I am the lady that can make that happen!

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