Vanilla Cupcakes

Cake Flavor

Vanilla- A rich delectable vanilla cake that's not too sweet and pairs lovely with any buttercream and filling.

Chocolate- A fluffy cake with a deep chocolate flavor really makes this the perfect chocolate cake!

Super Chocolate Fudge- A super rich fudge like chocolate cake that reminds me of brownies! Pairs nicely with my peanut butter buttercream!

Lemon- Refreshing, yet not overpowering. Pair this with a lemon curd filing for a super tangy treat!

Red Velvet- A magnificent cake, with just the right texture and richness that comes from the hint of chocolate.

Rainbow- My vanilla cake paired with some fancy sprinkles make this the perfect sweet party cake!




(included w/ cake)

Buttercream - My basic buttercream which is not overpowering or too sweet! It pairs with any cake very well.

Raspberry - A yummy raspberry filling that is just the right amount of sweet and tangy!

Strawberry - Who doesn't love strawberries? I love this filling mixed with some of my buttercream!

Lemon Curd - Mmmm! There is nothing like a fresh batch of my lemon curd filling! I may be known for sneaking some while it's still warm!


Filling upgrade

(add $0.25/serving)

Chocolate Ganache - Rich chocolate flavor that is perfect for those fancy drip cakes or for filling cakes for even more chocolaty goodness!

Bavarian Cream - Fill your cake with this decadent cream!

Caramel - A sweet & rich option for any cake!



Vanilla (required for white or color) - Not too sweet, not too buttery. This is the perfect buttercream and pairs with ANY cake choice!

Chocolate - The best chocolate buttercream EVER! It pairs very nicely with my chocolate cake!

Peanut Butter - Calling all peanut butter lovers! You can't not have my Super chocolate fudge cake without this peanut buttercream!

Caramel - This buttercream is filled with a perfect richness from the caramel and pairs nicely with any chocolate cake!

Do you want something that is not on the menu? Please inquire.

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